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Essay代写范文-A Heroic Film in American Hollywood

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本文是一篇优秀的美国Essay代写范文,题目为:A heroic film in American Hollywood,这篇Essay讨论了美国好莱坞的英雄主义电影。美国文化本身是比较单纯的,美国人自认为是人类物质和文化的领跑者,所以往往有拯救世界的责任感,而好莱坞漫画电影其实就是恒久不变的美国个人英雄主义的体现,传递的是美国的核心价值观。美国好莱坞的英雄主义电影作为大众文化由于强调影片的商业性以及娱乐性,导致了一些影片在内容上过于简单,情节过于苍白,这样使得部分影片确实了深刻的思想内涵。


Nowadays, American Hollywood films are influencing the Chinese people with unprecedented strength. The reasons for the impact are as follows. First, although there are some commercial blockbusters, the overall level of Chinese domestic films is low and it is difficult to attract Chinese audiences, which gives Hollywood blockbusters a chance to enter the market.


The reason why many people like Hollywood movies is that most of the Hollywood commercial blockbusters have large scenes and plot twists, which can give people a strong sense of excitement. But in terms of connotation, Hollywood movies do not have much educational significance, and what they can do is only to entertain the audience and earn money from the audience. Therefore, many Hollywood movies are not worth appreciating repeatedly, they can only be seen and forgotten.

Hollywood commercial films cover every aspect of life. Some are about police and gangsters, some are about soldiers fighting for honor and country, some are about sad or sweet love stories. So almost all fans can find their favorite movies, which is one of its characteristics.

But Hollywood commercial films also mislead Chinese moviegoers to some extent. Hollywood commercial films cater to audiences by often ending in a happy comedy: truth triumphs over evil, and all shall be well, jack shall have jack. America's strengths are magnified and its weaknesses narrowed. As a result, some Chinese viewers mistakenly believe that the United States is an advanced and developed country.

Individual heroism is the core of the American spirit, which develops with the American history. It mainly reflects the characteristics of equality, freedom, self-improvement, self-reliance and self-realization of the United States. Americans advocate individual freedom, oppose the domination of the outside world to their individuals, and emphasize individual ability and role. In American individualistic heroic movies, the only way to solve disputes is to fight with violence. A hero can always rise in adversity and show his heroism in fighting.

Hollywood for us to build a large number of lone ranger, they sometimes dashing, temperament is special, quick wit, such as the James Bond movie "007" series, can deal with the crisis, not only can women audience's affection; They are brave, muscular, such as in the terminator series movie, played by Arnold Schwarzenegger terminator, with weak against the strong, in the film the last saved humans; There is also the well-known film "forrest gump", shaping the civilian hero, although his IQ is only 75, but he with his indomitable perseverance, made a heroic achievement.

In recent years, Hollywood's superhero movies have been dubbed "super." We fall into this category of heroes called superheroes, and these superheroes are actually the heroic characters created by filmmakers, who have special abilities beyond ordinary people, who can perform extraordinary ACTS of heroism and feats, who can protect people, who can fight against the forces of evil. In this kind of movie, these super heroes often have a set of gorgeous clothes that can represent their own personality and unique super power, and a name that can also show their own ability, the most representative of this feature is no other than superman. The reason for the enduring popularity of the superman films is that they correctly meet the needs of the current state of American society and give Americans the sense of security they lack.

All heroic films emphasize the heroic spirit of "the world gives up its own", which comes from the hero's strong sense of justice and social mission. In every individual heroic type of film, the hero is the only strong person in the film, and he should take the responsibility of defending justice and saving the society.

No matter how volatile the situation may be, heroes have a different kind of super-rational mind, able to make the right judgment and the most perfect arrangement in a short time, and they will always seize the slim chance to win and be able to win.

State famous critic once said: "the United States culture itself is relatively simple, Americans think that is the leader of human material and culture, so often have a walk the responsibility to save the world, and Hollywood cartoon film is constant American personal heroism reflected, is the core values of the United States." The biggest characteristic of the heroes in the comics is that they can have the supernatural power to save the earth, protect human beings, fight against evil and protect the weak through the artistic processing of the makers.

America is a country that advocates individualism, especially individual heroism. It's not uncommon to see the feat of one man saving the earth and one man saving the universe in Hollywood blockbusters, such as the alien series and superman series. Hollywood blockbusters, there is a ten, one hundred, the force of the super hero rambo; And then there's hatigan, the unbeatable cop from sin city.

China is a country that advocates collective strength and collectivism. It is said that big rivers are full of water and small rivers are full of water. When Chinese people achieve success, they will always say humbly: it is the contribution of everyone, it is the contribution of the collective.

Treat such personal heroism values, we should not only to the United States advocating independence, freedom, self-improvement, self-reliance, and personal dignity and justice as positive and positive part of the study, and should pay attention to these types of personal heroism movie itself implied by the individual freedom and social order, promoting violence with violence, and unable to find a balance between a democratic society.

The individualistic heroic images created in American movies have some common characteristics, that is, they deify individualistic heroes infinitely, so as to show the value orientation of extreme individualistic heroism. American Hollywood movies create the illusory illusion of perfect individual heroes on a large scale, especially strengthen the rendering of individual heroes affecting the whole conflict, greatly exaggerating the power of individual heroes to overcome the power of the group of hostile forces, so that the individual power unlimited deification, unlimited exaggeration. This endows these heroes with the value orientation of extreme individual heroism.

Preached in the American movies of all sorts of cultural values, is highly advocating western culture values, full affirmation of all kinds of desire and demand, young individual struggle, personal ideological emancipation and the spirit of individualism and they advocate freedom, democracy, self-improvement, self-reliance, and peace, they advocate the spirit of rationalism and scientific socialism, through the film to promote their own sense of crisis, they also advocated by force for peace, the cultural value orientation, is undoubtedly in breeding ground for the extreme individualism, rationalism, scientism and terrorism the hotbed of ideas. As a mass culture, American films emphasize the commercial and entertainment of films, which leads to some films being too simple in content and too pale in plot. As a result, some films indeed have profound ideological connotations.

In fact, Hollywood is a big VAT of culture, it has advanced culture, but also has the impact of the cultural development of a piece of shit, we in the film appreciation, should choose those classic works of film, rather than just stay in the surface. The idea of individual heroism is fully displayed on the big stage of Hollywood, and how to make a choice in the process of appreciation has become the key for filmmakers in film analysis.






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